Welcome to Flying Wolves Gaming. We are a clan for real-time strategy (rts) and first-person shooter (fps) games. Our clan tag is [FWG]. To be part of the clan, simply register on our forum and drop us an e-mail with any information you would like about yourself on our website (i.e. gaming name(s), what games you play, etc.). Please also feel free to drop by our Xfire clan profile.

What's New?

04 November, 2009 - We're Still Not Dead!

We apologize with our inactivity. Due to time commitments on the part of both Administrators we have been unable to update and implement all of the new changes we planned. The thoughts being tossed around are:
  • A new and improved command structure
  • New maps for download (including ones promised in the past!)
  • A new training page
Once again, we apologize for the inactivity. Hopefully we will have some time in the near future to come through on our much anticipated promises.
Thank you for you patience and Happy Gaming!

_DarkStar2119 (admin)

Clan Games

The games we cover now are:
    Command and Conquer Generals and expansion
    Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and expansion
    Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 and expansion
    Star Wars Empire at War and expansion,
    Star Wars: Battlefront II
    Age of Empires III and expansion
    Age of Mythology and expansion
    Warcraft III and expansion
    Battlefield 1942 and expansions - Forgotten Hope mod also supported
    Battlefield Vietnam
    Battlefield 2 and expansions - Forgotten Hope 2 mod also supported
    Battlefield 2142
    World in Conflict
    Company of Heroes and expansion - Battle of the Bulge mod also supported

Support is pending for:
    America's Army: Special Forces

Under Consideration:
    Clan support for Counter-Strike: Source

Other Clan News (On-Going)

What we're working on:
    New, redesigned site
    Download-able Avatars for each rank available on the Members page; Also will be made available on the Clan Forum
    New Media page including screenshots, links to videos, etc. Please contact the site admins for more information
    Updated Members Page
    Additional information about our alliances with other clans and the ability for other clans to contact us *approaching completion*
    Game descriptions for all supported clan games that we haven't written any for *approaching completion*

Under Consideration:
    Alliance with -THG- Clan
    A New Training Page for [FWG] Members; It would include: Links to training videos, strategies, tips, etc.; If you have any comments or anything that may be useful for it please post them on our forum or e-mail them to us.

Map Development Corner

*What we are working on:
    Battlefield 1942 Map called FWG City *complete, release date set for 10/31/08* (Secret Weapons version is complete, release date set for 10/31/08)
    Battlefield 1942 Map called Mountain Village *complete, pending for release*
    Battlefield 1942 Map - Close Quarters
    Battlefield 1942 Map - Fresjka *about 25% complete - pending for cancelation*
    Battlefield Vietnam Map - Gulf of Tonkin *complete, release date set for 10/31/08*
    Battlefield Vietnam Map - Ba Vi Mountains ("King of the Hill" style gameplay) *complete, pending release*
    Company of Heroes Map - Bocage *canceled*

*Design Stage:
    Battlefield 2 Map - Battle of Midway 2008 *on hold - pending for cancelation*
    Company of Heroes Map - Meuse River Line *canceled*
    Battlefield 2 Map - Devil's Highway *on hold*
    Battlefield 2 Map - Ba Vi Mountains 2008
    Battlefield 2 Map called Nuclear Dogfight *on hold - pending possible changes*

*To Be Uploaded Soon:
    Battle for Middle Earth 1 Best Of - Fortresses Map Pack *release canceled*
    Battle for Middle Earth 2 Best Of - Fortresses Map Pack Up-convert *release canceled*
*Please note that the names of current maps are subject to change, we will be sure to update this as soon as possible

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